Types of Research We Design and Conduct For Our Clients

We focus on designing and conducting online surveys using our in-house software and telephone studies with a 200 station CATI call center. We don't have a bias. We understand that there are times when speed is of the utmost importance, but we also recognize that there are times when the personal touch of a professional telephone interviewer is critical to the success of a project. It's most important to understand the specific objectives and information requirements for the decision at hand and then to create a well thought out proposal that tailors the study to the needs of the decision maker and takes into account the financial, time and other constraints.

Attitude, Awareness and Usage Studies (AA&U)

measure perceptions, attitudes, and awareness levels of the brand and its offerings/advertising in the marketplace - assess the strengths and weaknesses of a brand's image or integrated program relative to the competition

Brand Equity/Attribute Research

determine how favorably do consumers view the brand; what key factors describe the brand; what motivates people to choose one product over another

Concept Evaluation/Testing

new product or service/menu item - identify why target consumers prefer one concept over another; to accurately identify the criteria on which the consumer choices were based and the relative importance of each factor to the purchase decision

Market Segmentation Research

identify and define unique market segments based on specific characteristics in order to create product/service differentiation strategies

Mystery Shopping - Telephone

anonymous telephone contacts to a salesperson/business representative where the caller has a script and indicates that he/she is shopping for a product or service and then records the entire experience

Name Evaluation/Preference Testing

determine which name best fits the concept, communicates product/service benefits and/or distinguishes it relative to competition

Online Panels

both online custom studies with groups of individuals who accepted to respond to marketing research online (opt-in panels) and Customer/Custom online panels whose members are recruited specifically to participate in product tests or new product evaluations

Positioning Research

determine how the target market sees the image or identity of a product or brand relative to competing products - assess what the brand stands for

Pricing Sensitivity

determine what price a respondent thinks a product is worth in addition to what they would be willing to pay personally

Product/Package Testing 

in-home and online evaluations of new products and/or packages

Public Opinion Polls/Quality of Life 

determine citizens' attitudes and opinions about public policies, referendums, satisfaction with public sector service delivery, importance and forced ranking of public services and perceptions of how the jurisdiction governs; Quality of Life measures.

Satisfaction Studies 

measure customer/employee satisfaction with delivery, perceptions and attitudes towards products/services or programs; determine if they meet the expectations of the customer/employee and identify strategies for improvement; assess perception versus reality

Stated Preference Surveys

designed to estimate consumers sensitivities to specific transportation related service or program alternatives

Tracking Studies

Private Sector Tracking Studies conducted to monitor consumers' awareness, perceptions and behaviors over time towards a brand's/service's specific marketing/advertising/ communication programs relative to competition; and Public Sector Tracking Studies conducted to monitor citizens' perceptions of service and program delivery and their affect on behavior - i.e. traffic management tools, aggressive driving, seat belt usage, recycling, financial policies, etc.